The Black Cat Blue Sea Award! 

Hello people… 

I’m so excited and honoured to have been nominated for the Black Cat Blue Sea award…and firstly I would like to thank Namitha for that..

Please do check out her blog..its amazing!

This is my First award… And it’s just about a month since I’ve started my blog. 

The rules are as follows 

The following are the questions I had to answer 

1.What is the best thing your blog has done for you? 

Well, I am a new blogger and was stuck upon 20 followers, just last week. But soon, when I checked it yesterday, the number of followers had hit upon 60! I was very very happy.. (and I also got nominated for this award) and this week is going great for me…!  But sometimes it puts me down that it is JUST an art blog and most often I see bloggers post poems or articles and a lot of writing stuff. 😓

The best thing my blog has done for me is that it taught me to keep going, be inspired and be an inspiration. My blog has also introduced me to new people, who are all so amazing and supportive. Thank you all!  And my blog! 😘
2.If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? 

Um.. To be honest it really took me a lot of time to think of that one word that describes the ME. And by the way, ONE word can NOT describe me… 😁 I’d rather describe myself as a passionate person who, like,  has the zeal to do something. If I start something I’m greatly interested in, I’m very sure that I’ll complete that thing with all my passion for that work. 😊

3. Are you proud of achieving something? If yes, what is that thing and how did u achieve it?

Of course I am proud of achieving a few things but certainly not to a very great extent. By achieving I mean something I dreamt of doing and have succeeded in it. People have praised a lot for my talent for art and I also have been awarded for drawing contests. But there’s a long long way to go…

I have reached 80 WordPress follows and that’s about it!! 😉 

I also want to thank all my followers. I value each follow and as this is just the beginning, each and everyone is an inspiration for me. 

I would like to nominate 


original phoenix 






Please answer the following questions, nominees!

Question time

1. What is the reason you created your blog? 

2. What are your hobbies, talents and aim for life?  

3. Who is your role model,  how and why? 

Thank you once again Namitha!  And I am sorry that I’m late in answering your questions. 

Have a great day! 


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