Day 3.  3 Day Quote Challenge 

This is the last day of my 3-day Quote Challenge and I really enjoyed this one, and sorry for taking a long time to post the last day’s. Thanking once again, the cool bloggers, Sparkling Poems and Original phoenix For the nomination. Visit their blogs for more lovely stuff. 

The rules, once again..

-3 Quotes for 3 days.

-3 Nominees each day.(No repetition)

-Thank the person who nominated you.

-Inform the nominees

I decided to post 2 quotes and 2 of my drawings at one go. 

And there they go…….. 

This is a very beautiful quote. It’s absolutely true that in such a vast world, we have got one special person and it’s the greatest privilege to meet that human being, because we never can imagine how our life would have been without that 1 person. 

(I’m a Disney freak) Yeah. 

I like how these lines say that we need to get our hands dirty to relish the fruits of our success. We must fall one day, we must put efforts to reach our goal. In our lives, many a times we fall, and that can also lead us to our wonderlands. 

And. The. Nominees, 

Miranda Voice


Laura Wright

A huge thank you to all my followers and friends!

Have a beautiful Day! 


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